If You Don't Tell Them About Your Business, Who Will?

If you want to have a successful business, you have to market your business. It’s really that simple.

If no one knows what you do or what you offer, how can they choose your business? And if they don’t choose your business, how can you make money? I mean, you are in business to make money, right?

Our failure to consistently market is rooted in fear. Yes, I said “FEAR.” If you are like me, you hate realizing that fear is what’s controlling your actions but if you aren’t marketing and making offers it’s because you are afraid.

Now you could click off the blog now and shut me off or you could stick around and let me explain the ways fear is controlling you and how you can get fear out of the driver’s seat of your business and increase your impact and income. Yes, I’m talking about money again because everyone who is in business is hear to make MONEY.

In the next few blog posts, I’m going to share three ways fear controls our business. There may be more, but I’m going to tackle the biggest three that stood in my way of making the impact and income I knew was possible.

“Ignorance makes us fearful.”

We fear marketing because we are ignorant of it. Most entrepreneurs don’t get in business to become marketing pros. We get in business to do the thing we love. The challenge is that without effective marketing we don’t make a lot of money doing what love which can be pretty depressing. Because we don’t sign up to be marketing gurus, we typically don’t invest learning about marketing.

We kind of treat our businesses like the movie “Field of Dreams.” There is a famous quote in the movie, “If you build it they will come.” It may be famous but it’s certainly not accurate. Just because we build a business doesn’t mean people will beat down the door to buy from us. That’s probably because they don’t know we are there.

That’s why I love Intent Based Marketing. It was a form of branding and marketing that felt authentic and right to me. I get to share content that will actually help people and doing that builds trust. Then I get to make them an offer to come and work with me.

I’ve seen a significant increase in impact and income sense I became intentional about

  1. Adding Value By Sharing Content that Helps My Ideal Clients

  2. Building Trust by Sharing Content that Helps My Ideal Clients and

  3. Making Offers that Help My Ideal Clients.

“Marketing is how you tell your ideal clients what you can do for them. If you don’t tell them, who will?”

To eliminate the fear caused by ignorance, you need to make it a priority to learn about marketing. I recommend focusing on Intent Based

Shun S