Soul Shift

You have everything you need inside you to be successful. Your gifts, talents, abilities are already there. SoulShifting helps you uncover your God given treasures and discard the junk. SoulShift helps you discover your true identity in Christ, live your God given dreams and make more money doing work you love. Yes, you can do all of that!

You need a SoulShift in your life RIGHT NOW! That is why you clicked on this link. That is why you are here. You know that better exists for your life and you are ready for it.

Let’s Shift!


Soul Shift Book Bundle


The powerful soul shifting bundle includes a copy of Live Free and a copy of The Black Woman’s Guide to a Wealthy Mindset.

Passion to Profit


Using the concepts from Soul Shift, this virtual master class will catapult you into making money doing what you love!

Soul Shift Virtual Class


Join other like-minded women who are ready to shift in every area of their life in a 4-week virtual life class. Your life will never be the same.


Soul Shift 1:1 Intensive

Starts at $1,097

Work 1:1 with Shun Strickland on your individual soul shift. You will not leave this 1:1 the same way that you came!