Passion to Profit Masterclass Video Download

Passion to Profit Masterclass Video Download


Do you have an idea that you believe could be a successful business but you aren’t sure where to start? Are people always asking you fix , bake or make something for them? Are you ready to use your gifts, talents and abilities to impact others AND make a great income? If you answered, “Yes” to any of those questions, the “Passion to Profit Masterclass Video Download is the product for you.

Shun shares the wisdom she’s learned over the last 7 years of building her business. What started a just a desire to make $600 a month to get her daughter and cover all the expenses has grown 576% to a fully profitable business.

Starting a business is hard and can be overwhelming, let Shun show you the strategies she learned from trial and error and helping clients just like you take their ideas serve others and make a profit. In this 2 hours video, Shun will teach you the 5 P’s to Profit - Products/Services, Promotion, Position, Packaging and Partnership.

For a small investment you can learn the tools that will help you jump start your business.

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