Triple I Branding


Clients come to me because they want to increase their influence, impact and income. Even though they are already helping lots of people with their with their knowledge, expertise and products they aren’t making the income they desire to make. They are often frustrated, aggravated and uncertain about the reality of doing the work they love AND making money. They are looking for a plan but what they discover they need is a SoulShift.

What does your soul have to do with the money you make? EVERYTHING!

A lot of women have inner conflicts about money. They want more but secretly struggle with if they deserve more especially from their own businesses. I’ve worked with executives who made hundreds of thousands of dollars for Fortune 500 clients who struggled with their worth and value when it was time to do the same work under the umbrella of their own business.

How we think about ourselves determines the brand we promote to the world, Insecurities and fears keep us from embracing our true identity and taking our place in the market.

Triple I Branding is the program that combines soul work with the practical steps needed to increase your influence, impact and income and make the difference you know you are capable of making.

Triple I Branding focuses on helping entrepreneurs create a well known, trusted and loved brand by adding value, building trust and making offers. But not like you think.

The secret to doing this is being crystal clear about who you are, what you want to offer in the market place and WHO you want to work with. Yes, YOU can decide the types of clients you want to work with and then target your messages to reach them.

So many entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels and wasting their precious marketing dollars trying to reach everyone. It’s natural to want our products and services to reach everyone but in truth, none of us are called to reach and serve everyone. And even this desire to serve everyone can be the shifted as we do soul work.

If you know you are created for more and you are ready to increase your influence, impact and income. If you tired of second guessing your brilliance? If you are tired of undercharging? If you are ready to shift and build a business you love and rewards you well, then join my Triple I Branding Inner Circle today.